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Thread: gold price forecast and selling opportunity

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      gold price forecast and selling opportunity

      gold price forecast and selling opportunity
      Published: 2021-09-02
      gold prices rose from 1680 to 1823 and formed bullish zigzag which contains on 2 legs or movements the first one from level 1680 to 1758
      the second leg from 1741 to 1823 that equal the previous correction from 1750 to 1834 in this case gold prices will decline to 1765 at least
      the movement from 1680 to 1823 equal the bullish movement from 1862 to 2016
      so Gold pattern analysts forecast bearish movement for gold price in this case to 1680 again
      gold price forecast today for the next month
      SELL from 1820
      TP @ 1720
      SL @ 1870
      last gold price forecast earned 1200 pips while gold price declined to 1681

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